Drinking is truly America's number one pastime. Only stupid, unpopular people don't enjoy going to a bar, getting stumbling-around-wildly drunk, and then blindly driving home in their ultra fast cars. But choosing what to drink is something very important to consider. There are all sorts of liquors, and all sorts of liquor companies. To vie for your attention, these companies try to advertise their legal poison in such a way that people will think that it's their key to a fantastic nightlife. They show pictures of people doing fun things like dancing, celebrating, and maintaining coordination and bladder control. Most people are tricked into buying their booze this way, and while they all end up vomiting in the morning clutching their bottle, their memories are usually blurred to the point that they're convinced the ads were right. Absolut Vodka has some of the most easily recognizable ads in the world of liquor, and our Forum Goons figured that they could help the company create some more memorable ones.

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