It's time for another exciting edition of the Variety Pack, rich in creamy surprise laughs and other assorted goodies. This week I harvested two great movie poster threads from the SA Forums and now present them for your enjoyment. This week's Wonder Twin Duo consists of none other than:

Ad Campaigns to Movies: The goons set out to take common ad campaigns from TV and elsewhere and turn them into big budget Hollywood dung heaps.

Pornoize Movies: Here they set out to turn already existing movies into trashy pornos. Oh those kids and their porno!

Now on with the show! We'll start with the hottest ads to hit the silver screen.

Eat It and Weep

"Viceroy" started this half of Photoshop Phriday with this digital picturegraph:

"Mat Drinks" is trying to sap our precious bodily fluids with impure beverages:

"Huge_Midget" orders some laughs, and supersizes them for an extra 39 cents.

"Happy Forum Man" is apparently in dire need of cheese.

"Weevil's" chicken tastes like Playdough.

"Weevil" digs deep into the past, and ruins it.

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