Pirates have long been a boon for the advertising industry. Who could forget the delightful Captain Crunch, or the villainous Long John Silver, or the filthy wife beater, the Gorton's Fisherman? Pirates send a powerful message to people, which is to avoid scurvy. Apparently, it also carries a second, secret message to buy the product they're shilling. This advertising technique is best evidenced by the most in your face pirate mascot of all, Captain Morgan. He tears back the pages of the magazine you're reading, just to show you what a great time you would be having if you were drunk. Well, drunk and attractive. Any mascot that's willing to ruin MY magazine is cool by me, but unfortunately the advertisements don't really show the true fun of Spiced Rum. Thankfully, the Forum Goons decided to change that. Check it out, G!

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