Recently I went to the beach to enjoy a fun day out in summer. Unfortunately, some jerk decided to pick on me. He pushed me around, stood on my sandcastle and called my mom a big fat dumptruck. It was clear that other men did not see me as a threat. I realized that I needed to become an object of pure intimidation, and the best way to do that was to wear a t-shirt with an edgy message possibly featuring an animal. The talented guys from the once-pink forum of FYAD had vast selection of BIG DOGS shirt ideas that would help me transform into the personification of manliness. It was then I knew I was untouchable, and it's going to be a long time before any other schoolkids think of hassling me.

The first contribution comes from Albrot, who wants to spread his pro-soda, anti-hate message.

Look deep into the eyes of BAN ME PLEASE and you will see the soul of a man that acceptable personal hygiene forgot.

bhlaab created the following two images and sold them to me in exchange for my first-born daughter's hand in marriage.

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