A wise man called bandit once asked "dogs. are they funny? or a crutch for the unoriginal?" It's this very question Piso Mojado attempted to answer with his educational forum thread on dogs, featuring tips, tricks, and techniques. But is it funny, or is it just using the concept of dogs as a comedic crutch? Personally, I don't know, I didn't read any of these posts; I just copied and pasted all the ones with a picture of a dog in them. Enjoy anyway.

Piso Mojado

#23 The Austrailian Sheepherder

The austrailian sheepherder is a very smart dog. In fact, they can even maintain a low-wage human job, providing significant ROI for owners. Possible jobs include dog sitter, janitor, and social media expert. good with other dogs ,other than dingos (natural enemy) and has an excellent judge of character with humans. the 'aussie' pairs best with people who get fall pictures taken with their families in sweaters and leaves.


#47 Schnauzer

Grumpy old men who have become detached from their human existence will often undergo a drastic cosmetic surgery, transforming them into the formidable Schnauzer. Though an indispensable font of wisdom on all things related to household repair and woodworking, their propensity for off-color comments regarding minorities and foreigners make them less than ideal outdoor pets.

Piso Mojado

#16 The Pomeranian

Pomeranians were long thought to be a product of relentless inbreeding until a population of them were found in the wild recently. they survive by roaming in packs of 300+ and have been known to take down water buffallo in mere seconds. these dogs make great pets but DO NOT order more than 100 of them (to be safe) at a time.


#11 bull terrier

a more advanced dog, rumored to be not of this earth but seems quite content here, but needs special attention. high stealth modifier, but VERY MYOPIC - NEEDS VISION CORRECTION


Matoi Ryuko

Dog feeding guide


How to feed dog:

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