Piso Mojado

#5 Brown Dog

this dog is a good beginners dog for both owners and traders. commonly found in "starter dog kits", but can be purchased individually. Can also be known as a 'Good dog' and even 'Old dog' in its later years.

Glass Bottom Boat

Bad Dog

Some fucked up weird kind of dog that really sucks. Doesn't do any of the things good dogs do, a trait from which the breed derives its moniker. Basically the worst kind of dog.

Piso Mojado

#75 The "Yorkshire" Terrier

This is an industrial model built for adorable large-scale oil refinement operations. It super cute and can support both pipeline and coastal tanker operations cause he's such a good boy. such a pretty doggy ranges between 1.2 and 1.5 million dollars. Will need constant petting and attention, proper PPE should be used at all times during handling.


#7 golden retriever

heavily armored assault-and-retrieval dog with a heart of gold, this baby will blast its way into a warzone with a payload of 8 hellfire missiles and a GAU-8/A 30mm cannon, retrieve your important cargo, and swing outta there before the enemy can say "is that the full house dog?"


#14 American Killhound

during the american civil war, hundreds of soldiers could be seen riding these brutes into battle. oddly enough though, american killhounds are actually known for their generally friendly behavior, and today are mostly used to quickly transport heavy loads and give kiddies rides at petting zoos. legislation hasn't yet been passed but keep your fingers crossed for street legal killhounds in 2016!

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