Genetically modified organisms - the delicious treats we love to eat. Well, that's introduction enough; I'll pass you over to the SA Forum Goons for the remainder. Stay fresh.

Lil Cunty

extra-long grain rice: every grain is like a spaghetti or maybe even longer

seedless pomegranate: self explanatory

a potato/green bean hybrid so my French fries can truly be farm to table


a zucchini that's spelled different, like zukeeny

Lil Cunty

strawberry flavored lemons for strawberry lemonade. this one seems so obvious, I feel like science is going to be really embarrassed when it finally catches up to me


viruses that fix up your cells and leave little mints on the nuclei

Ayatollah Hermione

a carrot that when you pull it out of the ground it's attached to a series of multicolored flags ending with a pair of boxer shorts


beef tomato plants that you can pick actual steaks and tomatoes off

Lil Cunty

very very tiny bananas with very very tiny peels

for tripping beetles


weet: wheat that gets you high like weed (marijuana) does 

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