Vincent Valentine

The most important thing right now is finding Dropsy a hat, everything else can wait.

Go talk to the railworkers and request a hat. Politely, don't be rude about it. This is the west.

stfu salad

Ask to bum a smoke off of one of the railroad workers. Smoke it like it is cool.


Check the coat pockets, then say hi to the two men. Be a nice clown.

Mummy Brigade

Check them coat pockets, there may be valuable items in there to help in your Wild West Quest!

Gaspy Conana

Two whole dollars!


Ooh, that cactus is up to something, investigate! If it isn't up to anything we need to clown it.

(Clown, vb: To add paint to a person or thing in order to give the impression of a clown's face, imbuing it with the magic of clown.)

Gaspy Conana

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