Ooooookay. I guess it was that big of a deal and I was remembered. Shit. Plz don't bust me to your boss, Mr. Kaufman.

"C'mon over! Have a seat. Do you want some coffee?"


"Here, you can tell me how my bongos are sounding." He launches into a riff on the drums, and he's really good. I sit there with my mouth open, just thinking to myself I'm sitting here drinking coffee with one of the richest men in Hollywood, and he's playing the bongos at me. This is SO FUCKING COOL!

"What's your name?"

"Beth." We shake hands. He asks me a bit about myself, and I tell him, and get the surprise of my life. He actually breaks character and says to me, "Hey! I think I know your dad!"

And he does. My dad was the show runner on Benson for many years, and had met Jim at The Comedy Store. Jim, of course, was good buddies with the Wayons brothers, who'd all done one thing or another on Benson at some time.

My mind, she is blown.

We spend another good half an hour chatting, and he makes up a song on the spot for me on his bongos. But then he's called onto stage to set up for his scene. He grins at me, grabs his drums, and is off. About half an hour later, all the background are called in after him. I decide I've already had enough excitement for one morning, and hide myself in the middle of a gaggle of blonde girls.

We're all up in bleachers, watching a scene from when Andy was on the show Fridays. I've buried myself good and proper, like Lizette told me to. I'm a good girl, I am.

Except Andy doesn't want me to stay buried.

I'm watching him, of course, as he's just so engaging and good. He looks up, right at me, and catches my eye. I smile and give him a little wave. He waves back.

Then, he goes over to Milos Foreman and has a whispered conference. He points at me. Milos looks at me. Milos then goes over to his first assistant director and has a whispered conference. He points at me. The first AD looks at me. The first AD walks over to me and crooks a finger at me.

"Follow me, miss."

I'm placed down in the front row, and suddenly I'm surrounded by make up & hair ladies, and I'm being measured and lit and there's a camera in my face.

Milos Foreman himself walks right up to me and says, "Ok. You know scene. You react. Big surprise! Lots of shock! Andy has tossed water in Norm McDonald's face! You cannot believe! And.... ANYTIME!"

Milos has the best way of giving direction I've ever, ever experienced. I love it.

And we run the scene again, and they get my reaction shot. I'm thinking to myself, when the day is done, Ten gets you seven that that ends up on the cutting room floor, but hey, that was a blast.

Six months later or so, I catch the theatrical trailer on the E! show that was dedicated to movie trailers.

And just about faint, because right near the end, there's me, my big reaction shot.

Bless you, Go ahead and watch in your preferred format. I'm the shot right after Andy slaps the big fat guy across the mush, which is about a minute or so into the trailer. I'm wearing a grayish blouse and have medium length blonde hair.

And this is why I will always love Jim Carrey forever.

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