This Goldmine is by far my favorite of all time. It started with a simple thread by FirstBlud, and turned into something much more in a matter of days. The next thing I knew, it had exploded into the comedy supernova you see before you. It's a very simple concept: What if the Matrix had been about making pizza? Some may call this silly, even absurd. But I assure even the harshest critics, once you see the video, read the script, and enjoy the Photoshops, you too will be laughing your ass off.

First up, we have The Matrix Pizza music video that is chock full of all the Photoshops you can see in this thread, and all of the incredible animations the goons did that were too large to post. This is the coup de grace, the pinnacle of my time doing the Goldmine. While that honestly hasn’t been very long, I consider this to be the finest Goldmine ever posted.

The Pizza Matrix Video - Thanks to Jesmaster for putting it together and bmd for recompressing it. This movie requires the XviD video codec to play correctly. If you're on a Mac, try this.

These are all mirrors, so if one is down, try another.

Right click, Save Target As please.

Main Download

Mirror 1 (Thanks pipebomb)
Mirror 2 (Thanks macflunky)
Mirror 3 (Thanks Alowishus)
Mirror 4 (Thanks El Jackalope)
Mirror 5 (Thanks me)
Mirror 6 (Thanks Cloak)
Mirror 7 (Thanks Skyssx)
Mirror 8 (Thanks subreality)
Mirror 9 (Thanks Mike)
Mirror 10 (Thanks Amun)

Also, if you enjoy the services of BitTorrent, we can accommodate you too.

BitTorrent Mirror (Thanks Quik Stop)

BitTorrent Mirror (bigger file if you are having problems with the 17 meg version)

Before we get to the photoshops, here is the Pizza Matrix script done by forum goon eloH, which was the inspiration for many of the Photoshop works.

Now, onto the Pizza Matrix!

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