Cypher: Yeah.
Trinity: Is everything in place?
Cypher: You weren't supposed to relieve me.
Trinity: I know, but I felt like taking your shift.
Cypher: You like his pizza, don't you? You like watching him cook.
Trinity: Don't be ridiculous.


Cypher: We're going to put him out of business, do you understand that?
Trinity: Morpheus believes he is Papa John.
Cypher: Do you?
Trinity: It doesn't matter what I believe.
Cypher: You don't, do you?
Trinity: Did you smell that?
Cypher: Smell what?
Trinity: Are you sure this oven is clean?
Cypher: Yeah, 'course I'm sure.
Trinity: I better go.


(Hotel room)
Delivery Boy: Hey, It's the pizza guys. Hand us our money. Do it. Do it now.
Health Inspector Smith: Mario...
Mario: Oh shit.
Health Inspector Smith: Mario, you were given specific orders.
Mario: Hey, I'm just doing my job. You give me that '30 minutes or less' crap, you can cram it up your ass.
Health Inspector Smith: The orders were for your protection.
Mario: I think we can handle one personal pan.... I sent two delivery men. They're bringing her the pizza now.
Health Inspector Smith: No Mario, your men are already dead.


(Hotel room)
Trinity: Morpheus, the Pizza was traced, I don't know how.
Morpheus: I know, they cut the sauce line. There's no time, you're going to have to get to another pizzeria.
Trinity: Are there any managers?
Morpheus: Yes.
Trinity: Goddammit.
Morpheus: You have to focus, Trinity. There's a Little Caesar's at Wells and Lake. You can make it.
Trinity: All right.
Morpheus: Go.

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