The SA Forums host hundreds of pro-wrestling fans, who post in esoterically titled threads such as "TNA Discussion for September is not re-signing Bram," "WWE Discussion Is Brought to You by Otto Strasser," and "Jimmy Snuka charged with third degree murder." RaceFat is not a Rowdy Ringsports regular; in fact, he's not much of a wrestling fan at all! But armed with Wikipedia and a mastery of various '80s-music genres, he's composed entrance themes that uncannily capture the true essence of these greasy grapplers. In addition to receiving rave reviews from his fellow Goons, RaceFat also earned some Twitter recognition from Sasha Banks, who shared a link to the tune he'd written for her:

Thanks to RaceFat for posting these rousing odes to ring warriors on the SA Forums! Please enjoy!


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