Steve: I remember this dream. I couldn't sit anywhere.

Zack: The toilet frog should have known not to give a ride on his back to the Stinging Spike Gremlin.

Zack: Why can't anyone see how the police in Terra have become militarized and fascist. First it was rubber bullets, now they drive around in their flying Lambos shooting null voids at angry grannies.

Steve: If you do the math the lamborgini car can fly 100,000 miles on a tank of gas.Or a tank of EG, whatever that is.

Zack: I am not going near the indexes again. I'm just going to guess it stands for Electro Gas.

Steve: Such a sweet flying car and their cellphones go bad after 10 minutes.

Zack: Short battery life is the curse of GOOS TEETH.

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