Man... 250 posters of Marlon Brando... that IS scary!

Subject: Free Catalogs: Vintage Movie Posters
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 1998 05:29:29 -0500 (EST)
Free Catalogs: Vintage Movie Posters ---1940's-1970's

150,000 Original Release Movie Posters

We will EMAIL you any of the following lists:

  1. Abbott and Costello---125 posters
  2. Brigitte Bardot---300 posters
  3. Bruce Lee---150 posters
  4. Clark Gable---150 posters
  5. Disney Animation---1000 posters
  6. Disney Live Action---1500 posters
  7. Elvis Presley---350 posters
  8. Frank Sinatra---400 posters
  9. Gary Cooper---375 posters
  10. Gone With The Wind---THEATER DISPLAYS
  11. Great International Film Directors---1000 posters
  12. Humphrey Bogart---500 posters
  13. James Bond---200 posters
  14. James Dean---75 posters
  15. Jerry Lewis---200 posters
  16. John Wayne---650 posters
  17. Laurel and Hardy---150 posters
  18. Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Hopalong, Gene Autry, Misc Cowboys
  19. Marilyn Monroe---150 posters
  20. Marlon Brando---250 posters
  21. Martin and Lewis---180 posters
  22. Marx Bros, 3 Stooges, Harold Lloyd, Chas Chaplin
  23. Ronald Reagan---125 posters
  24. Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Monster, Space---7000 posters
  25. Superman, Batman, Capt America, Flash Gordon, Capt Marvel, Zorro
  26. Tarzan, Jungle Jim, Bomba, Sabu, Jungle---2000 posters
  27. Vintage Hollywood, 1940's-1950's---10,000 posters
  28. Rock & Roll, Adolescents, Bad Girls, Motorcycles, Hot Rods---1250 posters
  29. Gladiator, Epic, Myth, Legend---1000 posters
  30. Beatles---80 posters

To: Little Caesar
Subject: RE: Free Catalogs: Vintage Movie Posters

Hey, thanks for this great list. I've been looking for an obscure sci-fi movie poster everywhere, but I cant find it. Maybe you guys have it. It's called "Red Menismo and the Claw Honkers" and is was made in 1962 by Red Dot! films, an independant company. It starred Burt Starrington and Marrisa Jelbroto, and was directed by Michael De La Playa, who also did "Earth vs. the Evil Martian Death Snake", which was a bit less obscure. "Red Menismo" was about these astronauts who make this rocket and travel to an alternate Earth, one where the Nazis have teamed up with UFOs to build this raygun to shoot the moon with, and Red Menismo has to battle these mutant "Claw Honkers" that shoot these kind of green laser beam thingys. Its a great movie, but I can't find a poster of it anywhere!!! If you have this film, or any of the following, please write back!

  • "Captain K's Magical Scary Farm" (The Series)

  • "The Fat Man's Day Off"

  • "Plutonium Nightmare!"

  • "Doctor Evil's House of Stabbings"

  • "Marsupial: A Love Story"

  • "Living in Sin: The Marsh Broderson Story"

  • "Mr. Wacker Plays the Ponies"

Thanks a lot!


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