Don't touch it! This is Stickchild. If you touch him, he'll break. I have to use extra care when tying rope around this cretin's neck so I can lower him down inside my chimney for it's weekly cleaning. I haven't used my fireplace in the past two years, but I like pretending to have an excuse so I can throw an Appleton mutant into there for hours. His parent's tried to object once, but they stopped complaining once I broke their arms. I also stole a box of cereal from their house.

Oh what a lovely couple. No, I don't know what they're a couple of, so don't ask.

One of the many failed birthday presents that goes straight back to Radio Shack the next day. You can wrap crap up and put a bowtie and fancy sweater on crap, but hey, it's still crap. With glasses.

"Hello ladies! I file things!"

Dinner Yeti shows up not a moment too soon! Say goodbye to all leftovers, suckers!

One of the classier members of the North Appleton Intellectual Society.