Man, all them big words confuse me.

Subject: ACT NOW!!!

If you are planning on LEASING a car or truck in the near future, you must read on. Don't agree to pay thousands of dollars more than necessary only because you do not have the same knowledge of the simple vehicle lease formula a dealer uses. HavIing this formula will give you equal, if not more, negotiating power with the dealer. Understand exactly what CAP COST REDUCTION means, understand what RESIDUAL VALUE is and who determines it, understand what percent of interest (MONEY FACTOR) the dealer will try to build in (hint: that's his profit). Just knowing the meaning of these words strengthens your negotiating power.

Use my valuable guide to prepare and walk you through the lease negotiation process. YES!!! All leases are negotiable. Feel satisfied that you made a great deal and were not taken advantage of. Watch the salesperson squirm when they realize you know more about calculating a lease payment than they do. You will instantly have the upper hand and have the opportunity to write your own deal. It's amazing, and it is the best investment you can make in your new vehicle.

For less than the cost of a half tank of gas, you can build your negotiating powers and have the ability to TRULY deal on your next vehicle.

Send $ 8.95 for a complete guide, including the easy steps to follow to get the lease deal of your life to:


Subject; I WILL!!!

I've heard about these "cars" and I am very much interested. How do I go about leasing them? I would like to own a "car", as my friend Bobby at the oil refinery says I need one if I want to ever leave the house. That Bobby! What a goon! Sometimes I think he spends too much time stuck in the garage, with all those cleaners and paint!

Anyway, I am very much interested in a leasing car, and am more than willing to read a book about it. I just hope it doesn't cost any money, because I am saving up for a burrito at Taco Bell and I'm about there! Wish me luck!

Nice talking to you, Jenny! Tell Pete I think of him whenever I get that funny feeling in my bowels!



– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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