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Reppin': Final Fantasy Baseball

Bonnaroo! - Are you going to Bonnaroo? If you have any questions about it, you can ask in the thread, or just discuss your past experiences. Personally I don't want to hang out in a steamy field for 3 days without a shower, but if you're willing to pay hundreds of dollars for that privilege than come discuss it!

SXSW 2009 - SXSW is a festival too, so you've got the same deal here as with the Bonnaroo thread.

Old slow hiphop songs that stir up emotions - R.I.P. YOUNG DUNG, LIVED FAST AND DIED HARD!!! SIPPIN' TOO MUCH PURPLE, IT'S A SHAME. This is a pretty cool thread so far with a lot of Youtubes to good hip-hop songs that you may not have heard before. It's lacking a little bit in terms of actual discussion, so bring your own discussion into the thread and check out all of the songs that have been posted.

My dad's big break? - Some guy's dad is a finalist in a Country Music Television contest, and he needs your votes! He's a cool dad, so help that dad out. Vote for dad! Maybe you'll get to meet him someday.

Let's talk about song demos. - It's a small-ish thread so far but it could get interesting if more people chime in. Talk about various song demos from any artist, and try to bring some variety into the thread beyond the handful that have been mentioned so far.

Recommendation Megathread - Just a reminder that there is a receommendation thread in NMD, where if you are into certain styles, genres, artists, bands, etc. lately, you can post about them in here and get recommendations for better or similar stuff. Read the original post first! Just a sidenote: try Pandora before posting in the thread.

The return of local bands that suck - Post your favorite local, shitty bands! Again! It's not like there isn't already enough bad music floating around out there, so just showcase the best (worst) for us.

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Reppin: RealKyleH

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