~*~ Sports Argument Stadium ~*~
Reppin': SaxMaverick
If a lot of these guys were in the same room together, someone would end up getting bludgeoned by a Sports Illustrated football phone or a Dale Earnhardt commemorative VHS tape rewinder.

Michael Vick's Pet Island Argument Stadium - Lloyd Christmas updates us on the ongoing saga of Michael Vick and the case of the mysterious dogs.

Your team's retired numbers? - MLB goons discuss who of their favorite mancrushes of today will be immortalized tomorrow.
NBA Finals: San Antonio Spurs v. Cleveland Cavaliers: - Lebron may be the "King", but he's definitely no Admiral Spurs in 5.

NFL Offseason: Now Alchohol Free:
More Law and Order: Sportscenter edition with new sheriff Ol 'Rog Goddell

Major League Baseball Draft discussion: Where the best college players in the world get to spend three years playing for the Birmingham Biscuits!

Smackdown is Vince eating 59.5 hot dogs and buns for 6/8

Small Baseball Questions: Iron Squid invites us to either ask/answer questions involving miniature baseballs, or wants to know what VORP is. Read and find out!

NHL News/Views - Offseason edition: Will Scott Niedermayer shave his muskra - Talk about everything NHL here for the offseason. Any posts regarding Emilio Estevez or the knuckle puck won't make hockey goons mad, just disappointed.

~*~ Creative Convention ~*~
Reppin': same
No, not like a Kirk-Spock slash fanfiction convention! Those haven't been creative for years.

Design Contest » Create a Fake Album Cover (Deadline June 17 + Big Prize) - Goal: Design an Album Cover for a fictitious band.


What is your creative fuel? - Creative minds need a fuel or they will wilt into normalcy, this is a bad thing.

~*~ The Goon Doctor ~*~
I got this gnarly gash on my leg and it's throbbing and now my head is all swollen up and I look like the redhead dude from that movie Mask. Should I seek medical attention?

Compound W Freeze Off and Genital Warts - Bodnoirbabe and her boyfriend want to try this popular wart treatment on body parts that the FDA didn't approve. When will the government stop interfering with matters of the bedroom?!

Question on Malpractice - Flechtar's mom has been the victim of some messed-up surgeries and he would like to fix her up with a wonderful lawyer and a great big lawsuit. Happy belated Mother's Day!

TMJ disorder causing ear pain and cysts? - DELETED's laundry list of mandibular complaints lead me to believe that yes, he is suffering from Too Much Jabbering disorder.

Oh god it feels like I have to pee constantly! - Ole Gravy Legs has found the perfect solution for non-smokers who also want to take frequent breaks at work.

Thinking about dating a girl with herpes - I wouldn't call qri11 "picky" when it comes to choosing women, and I would also advise him not to be picky when examining those new bumps on his skin.

~*~ Pet Island ~*~
Reppin': light_urple
Are you a pet fan? A fan of pets? Do you kiss your pets more than you kiss people? Have you ever given a cat CPR? Do you sometimes wish you could have pot-bellied pig babies? You disgust me.

Under all that Hair - The DVangel's Joey is the first animal in pet island to be shaved for the summer (that we've seen, anyway). See how a dog that already looks like Cher can only look MORE like Cher! SolanaSkyes also shows off her shaved caterpillars, Elijah and Hanako.

Guess what... - Two decides to shave her pussy and Alexi joins the Hair Club for Pets.

One of my rats just gave birth and I have no idea which it was. - Steckles' sister bought some pet store rats and they're popping out babies like redneck girls on prom night.

My on-going experience with Rabies - Outsdr's twisted tale of Needles, Euthanasia, and the threat of Illness.

~*~The Official Pet Island Baby Animal Feel Good Thread of the Week~*~

A hungry, hungry rescued kitten! - Chasie rescues an adorable kitten from the woods, and while requesting a name, pacifies PI by posting lots of cute pictures!

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno
Have you ever been polishing your extensive gat collection, then stopped to longingly look at your keyboard and wish you could discuss cleaning your guns with somebody? Who hasn't? That's what I want to know.

PNW Günmeet: Fuck Corvallis, lets go to Bellingham! - A Bunch of Hicks and one out of place Canadian got together to add to the growing lead contamination problem in Washington's mountains.

FS2000 Charging Handle Breaks Off - Myrtar's FS2000 decided to shatter in the face of adversity leaving Myrtar with a barely functioning weapon.

Refinishing my Commie Rifle - Mikerock goes blind from getting flakes off the old CommiBloc in his eyes


Securing a Firearm in a Truck - Jeeves420 is asking how to get his handgun stolen out of his truck by a bunch of [insert ethnic minority here].

What Gun Was Within your Purchase Ability, Yet You Fucked up and Didn't Buy - TFR collectively laments over missed bargains and one time smoking deals.

My Senior Project - Building a Virginia Style Black Powder Rifle - Admiral Bosch looks into more creative ways to get himself expelled from high school.

Tell Me About Driving Across the Country with a Trunk Full of Guns - Cyrano4747 is leaving Oregon for North Carolina and asks TFR about Peaceful Journey laws for all of the states he will be traversing during his trip to the sweaty backside of America.

~*~ Batman's Shameful Secret ~*~
Reppin': muscles like this?
"Urrrrsulllaaa!!" Was there ever a comic book where some guy died and screamed out "Ursullaaaa!"? Because if so maybe he was calling out someone's name or maybe he was just dying really bad.
(Ursula is a terrible name is what I'm trying to say.)

Louis Lane: Intrepid Reporter Ok, so the thread is actually supposed to be called "Lois Lane: Intrepid Reporter" but that doesn't stop it from being a funny little stop motion film. About Lois Lane... dumbass.

the Diniverse does "Death of Superman" on DVD DC and Warner Bros are putting together a couple cartoon adaptations of classic comic stories. Can you guess what this one is about? However, this movie has nothing to do with the other animated DC shows like Justice League and um Justice League Unlimited.

What happens when Stan Lee dies? He ascends into comic book heaven where all the superheroes are! Frankly though the guy is 84 years old, don't be expecting to see a lot more from him.

Funny Panel of the Week
thanks DynamicSloth

~*~ Games ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Onslaught
It's our video games forum! What more do you want from me?!

Last Scenario - Self-made full-length RPG, free for downloading - Check out the free RPG here created entirely by forums user Origami.

Time to play name that game! - Heh, good luck with this one: "a red plumber and his green brother take shrooms and hurt themselves hitting conspicuously placed brick boxes."

[360/Vista] Shadowrun - If you have a 360, or a three thousand dollar PC, then feel free to join in on the multiplayer fun.
ALERT ALERT OFFICIAL HALO 3 BOX ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - "Generic box art for generic game ."

Bad Camera Angles and Dodgy Controls... Let's Play Sonic Adventure! - What happened to you Sonic? You used to be cool...

~*~ The TV IV ~*~
Reppin': rubber cat
Keep up with your favorite shows and discuss their intricacies with loads and loads of people with nothing better to do than to count how many times Jim looked at the camera last week.

"Off The Air, But Not In Our Hearts" Week

The Sopranos Finale - Woke Up This Morning, Got Yourself A Gun - I didn't get to see this because my TV was on the fritz, but apparently Dr. Melfi became the boss???

Let's talk about the short-lived show "Freaks and Geeks" - For only $150, you can buy a DVD set of the complete series encased in a fake yearbook. Now that's a steal!!!

So smart it's practically retarded: Dead Like Me - Isn't it ironic that a show about death is being brought back to life in the form of a TV movie??? Possibly.

Why isn't "TV Funhouse" on DVD yet? - Contron demands to know why the short-lived Saturday Night Live spinoff is not on DVD and has pledged to shoot a child for each day those Comedy Central fatcats remain silent on the matter.

Star Trek: "I don't know why we keep getting new threads." - Hey, what do you think would win in a race between the Enterprise and the Millennium Falcon? I think the Millennium Falcon because Chewbacca.
(DocEvil note: That's dumb, the Enterprise would kick he Millennium Falcon's ASS. The Falcon has a satellite dish. My grandpa's house has a satellite dish.)

~*~ Goons With Spoons ~*~
Reppin': Mr. Wiggles
If you've gotten as far as to read Internet articles about Internet forums (as you apparently have) but you're still not killing yourself by eating dishes of incredible unhealthiness devised by fellow Internet people, well I just don't know what to do with you.

Healthy cereals that taste good? - No your Cocoa Puffs are not healthy, no matter how much whole wheat and sunshine they were made with. See this thread for alternatives.

Regional Food Swap(interest check) - Do you live in New Hampshire and can't get Mexican Soda? Do you live anywhere but Wisconsin and long for fresh cheese curds? Are you desperately seeking durian flavoured alligator jerky from anyone who might have it? Then check out this thread and trade food with other goons. THROUGH THE MAIL.

What cookbooks can you not live without? - Very solid recommendations here. Seriously, this thread is just full of good cookbooks.

~*~ The Crackhead Clubhouse ~*~
Reppin': brb buddy
Sit back, relax, and figure out the best way to get high using nothing but Children's Dimetapp, a camping stove and some ground-up Excedrin Migraines.

Favorite munchies - How to get fat...the TCC way. Learn how other TCCers are spending their long virgin nights with a fat joint and a pint of Ben & Jerry's.

Let's share our favorite movies for when we're inebriated! - Instead of searching Wikipedia for "stoner movie", just read this thread on the best movies for getting high!

The Bowl Bible - Ever wanted a long list of single-line tidbits of information that are probably rumors and untrue? Here ya go.

¿What's the deal with brick weed? - What IS the deal with brick weed? Well, brick weed is marijuana pressed into a brick for easy travel. Unfortunately this type of sticky icky has a reputation for being not-so-potent and headache inducing. Hear TCCers philosophies on how to choose your brand/grade of marijuana, and be a pot connosseur!

Honk, Honk! Its the TCC Bus! - Yay! We have our own bus! I hope this one doesn't roll over and kill innocent children!

Come on back next week for more links to the SA Forums! I miss you already!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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