"Eeeearghhghghhh!! Arghhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaafffffffththhthththht! NNNNNOOOOOOOOOoooooooo!! Yeeearrrrghhhh!!!! Baaarrrffff! Bleaourghhhhh!!! Eeeeeeeeearrargghthhhh!! Hhrhghhghhh!!$#$^%" -Your brain, remembering that today is Monday, and that Monday is terrible.

FYAD is pink and has less rules than the rest of the forums, and that's pretty much all there is to say about it that won't get me made fun of later. liquidator vrunt worked really hard putting this summary together.

wikihow is my new fav. website - Easy-to-read detailed guides on how to do things you didn't even know you needed instructions for.

HAHAHAHA goons father shoots himself lolllllllllllll - Never joke about the death of a loved one.

A Gamefaqs stripper party story - If you read GameFAQs you already know the story of this guy's bitchin' birthday party.

this is a gbs thread about rising gas prices - This isn't actually a GBS thread, it's just some guys fooling around.

Post the best ways to own a girl in bed - My weird uncle keeps forwarding me 'Funny Things To Do During Sex' e-mails and asking me if I have a girlfriend yet.

No Music Discussion. Don't discuss music here, ever, for any reason. If you attempt to discuss music, you are subject to the fury of thousands of angry nerd fingers lashing their keyboards at lightning speed to disagree with you. DON'T DO IT, I BEG OF YOU!! But first, pour a 40 for Sir Tonk.

Coachella 2007 lineup and your stories from previous years - This year's Coachella thread, now with reviews and pictures starting on page 6.

Great bands with horrible vocalists that ruin everything - Best post so far "Funny, I was going to chime in with "Oh look. A thread about RUSH," but it turns out I was already beaten." inkdrinker needs to get his thread titles straight.

Linkin Park- "Minutes To Midnight" - You can probably guess where this is going, but theTaxidermy really tries to keep it real.

MUSIC ON: Ectasy - TCC has invaded NMD and brought their "I do things on drugs then talk about it" mentality with them. KarmaticStylee wants holes in his brain.

[Chicago] Lollapalooza 2007: August 3-5 Grant Park - Djarum has put together a wealth of information on this year's Lollapalooza. Daft Punk?

NI Reaktor Goon-Only Contest Giveaway Extravaganza Smorgasborg Long Word! - Synthesizer Patel has an extra copy of Reaktor 5 that he is giving away to a needy goon. Contest ends May 15th.

If you've got a sliver of a creative bone in your body, you just might enjoy the company in Creative Convention. There are all kinds of dudes in there who draw, paint, write, and I think there was at least one pottery person at some point. Yeah, I know! Who does pottery anymore?! Peace up, A-town down, same.

NEW SA Front page Feature: "Goon created comic strips!" POST YOURS NOW! - A chance for old hacks and new hacks to be featured on the front page.

Sculpted Chaos Dragon
- One wonders why with skills this awesome, he is not sculpting naked parts.

Infrared Photography
- Yup, it is what it is.

BYOB is all about posting in an blue forum and being buds with everyone. It's basically the Brady Bunch except everyone is Peter Brady and greasy. graey alien shows us what's happening:

ask me about being hospitalized for a mental break down - BYOB poster posts a thread about his mental breakdown. He probably has really bad genes or his momma drank booze when he was in the womb gestatin', that's what did him in. He got banned for seeking attention, and rightly so. ByoB poster Bloopher tried to be a white knight and save him but he got banned too! Haha! Incidentally Bloopher used to be called Vistaquest, and guess what. He admitted to having sex with a girl dog! He's a human and he did it with an animal dog? Gross. I guess he also dressed the dog up like a girl with lipstick and put a dress on it and drove it to the prom. There's actually tons of pro. agencies who will dress up a dog as your prom date and do a decent job of it but he tried to do it homemade himself, what an amateur freak!! Enjoy the thread.

usually i make bacon naked - A thread of bleak visceral imagery that's reminiscent of Caravaggio's greatest works. A darkened apartment. A man stands alone before an open flame. The light flickers, reflections dance off the pale of his flesh. He's alone with his meat. His substinence. The room is silent save for the pop of the burning grease. Human genitalia and pig fat are briefly illuminated as the shadows dance along the walls. It's time to post in ByoB.

wait, girls really look up to paris hilton??!?! - Hurfery Durfery Doo, chill with me and I'll chill with you (online)....anyway it's ByoB Time and the ByoB boys love to net chat with each other. It gets playful, it gets fun and we learn a little something about ourselves along the way. This is what message board posting is all about folks. Sit back and enjoy.

man i hate when i call a good friend on the phone - This thread is pretty depressing but at the same time an interesting peek into the human psyche. Is the OP slightly autistic? His forum avatar certainly suggests it's a strong possibility. Let's desperately yearn along with Toastmaker for any type of social contact whilst maintaining a chilled attitude and projecting a goofy demeanor on the forums.

How is krabby formed - Hulkamatt hulks up with some impersonations of internet posts in .wav format. Check it out.

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