~*~ The TV IV ~*~
Reppin': rubber cat
Keep up with your favorite shows and discuss their intricacies with loads and loads of people with nothing better to do than to count how many times Jim looked at the camera last week.

There Can Only Be One: Perhaps The Final Round? VOTE NOW! - Aatrek's quest to discover the single best episode of last season has come to an end. The winner of the online poll was, somehow, Ron Paul.

Heroes Season 2 Spoilers Thread: Generations - anoxia has been confirmed as a new superhero who goes around spoiling TV shows for people.

Coda - Studio 60: The Final Six - Thursdays in May and June, 10/9c, on NBC - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip ends for good this Thursday. Promise me you won't kill yourself, Home4Kwanzakkah

Cash Cab anyone? - Game shows have been doing so poorly lately that they film them inside taxis to save money now.

Lil'Bush, the new Comedy Central show, starts in 3 min - 70% of Lil' Bush's audience is comprised of masochists who watch it solely so they can talk about how awful it was on the internet.

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Robo-Aang fighting One-Eye Ozai - octobernight is getting some shirts with symbols from a kids' cartoon show on them printed in Vietnam.

Pirate Master - Thursdays @ 8 on CBS - Starts May 31 :yarr: - Agent019 and other TV IVers have some very strict standards for what does and doesn't constitute a pirate. I hope you're listening, Mark Burnett.

John From Cincinnati premieres on HBO 6/10 at 10pm - SPOILER ALERT: John is actually the Silver Surfer and the show is just Marvel's answer to Smallville.

~*~ The Goon Doctor ~*~
I got this gnarly gash on my leg and it's throbbing and now my head is all swollen up and I look like the redhead dude from that movie Mask. Should I seek medical attention?

What the hell is with colonix? - Lain Wave questions the healing power of the colon-cleansing remedies known as colonics. As it turns out, your digestive system is SUPPOSED to have a little bacteria in it, because eukaryotes can be your best friends! But when these super-enemas remove everything at once, it can make you feel like... shit!

What should I keep in mind when administering first aid? - Phillys is a new Red Cross volunteer and wants to make sure his first attempts at lifesaving go off without any hitches. If he tries to give you CPR, remind him not to use any tongue!

Visible Heart Beat - nudnick can see his own heart pulse from outside his chest, which is kind of creepy. Then we find out that he's had three heart attacks at the age of 19, plus a "brief history of amphetamine abuse (led to myocardial infarction)". I think Edgar Allan Poe would have something to say about telltale hearts and whatnot.

Anyone ever been committed? - Goons discuss their nut house experiences, which are thankfully limited to reasons such as depression or some other sort of anxiety. No truly insane people have come forth yet, but I guess they wouldn't really know! Also, there is an ongoing argument about whether or not you can buy a gun if you've merely stayed at a mental hospital voluntarily, instead of being given the ol' straightjacket-and-horse-tranquilizer treatment.

~*~ The Firing Range ~*~
Reppin': Miso Beno
Have you ever been polishing your extensive gat collection, then stopped to longingly look at your keyboard and wish you could discuss cleaning your guns with somebody? Who hasn't? That's what I want to know.

Review: Inhibitor Bags: An Awesome way to keep your guns from rusting. With Cyrano4747's cross country trip coming in a few weeks he's decided to look into weapons preservations solutions. So far they look like an excellent alternative to soaking your guns in liquid Communism.

Do You Carry a Reserve Weapon? - Every prepared survivalist needs at least one backup Mosin Nagant in his back pocket.

Why Did My Friend's SKS Shoot itself? - Accidental discharge or Negligent Discharge. You be the judge.

Alternatives to open sights on an AK - Apparently communist bloc leaf sights just aren't good enough for Groda, so he's given us some alternatives.

Senator Kotowski (D) Sends Police Detectives to 'Talk' to Pro-Gun Voters - It would seem that it is within Senator Kotowski's official duties to send law enforcement officials to the homes of otherwise law abiding gun owners.

Used Gun Shopping at Pawn Shops - Azars wants to pick up some Ravens and Tec-9s at the local pawn shop for cheap and wants to know the tricks to get around disgruntled pawn shop owners.

Why are USGI 1911s so cheap? - Soulscape is afraid a SA USGI 1911 is going to blow up because of their relatively inexpensive price.

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