Working on an Excel spreadsheet with columns titled "Jason masks" and "David Lynch" and every number is 666

Studying for a test on how to be a mummy or Dracula

Waiting on hold on a cursed phone number that makes your ears bleed

Doing yoga in an abandoned mental hospital haunted by the ghost of a serial killer with a really scary name like "Mr. Blood"

Riding an elevator full of snakes where all the buttons take you to the 13th floor

Getting a sensual massage from Rob Zombie

Meditating at a spiritual retreat you could only get into by signing a contract selling your soul to the Blair Witch

Intimate, low-key dinner with someone you later find out is a demon

Quietly contemplating how scary crows are

Viewing an art exhibit consisting entirely of paintings from Rod Serling's Night Gallery, and skulls

Taking a warm, relaxing bath, unaware that there's a man in a creepy clown mask behind you

Sitting in a hotel lounge where all the prostitutes are vampires

Shopping in a department store that sells nothing but spiders and Hellraiser boxes

Organizing your collection of jars labelled "ASHES OF MICHAEL MYERS"

Waiting in the airport Brian Eno's Music for Airports was made for, but the airport is haunted

– Jedidiah (@notoriousamoeba)

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