shadowcatboy posted:
I've wracked by brain now and again trying to think of genuine ethical reasons to ban sexuality in childhood, but in all honesty I couldn't come up with any real reasons. As the OP mentions, it sure seems like the trauma of experiencing sex as a kid is more of a cultural thing instead of a more objective psychological thing. Doesn't mean it should be fine and dandy, though, since culture IS a relevant factor in ethics, I'd say.

Hell, a few tribes in the Guinea Islands have sex with young boys and their society seems to work just fine. They believe that boys can only begin to mature and produce their own semen after it's implanted in them (orally as well as analy. ick).

I only know two guys who were first exposed to sex as kids, but they seem to have an unusually difficult time coping with their emotions.
Wastel posted:
But I think (I may be wrong) that you're forgetting that all of this is a product of a culture that has a much more casual attitude towards nudity than most of the West does. Here, where nudity usually implies a sexual context, a naked 9 year old being in a Western show implies pedophilia because it's assumed to be in a sexual context. In Japanese culture (what little I know of it) a naked 9 year old in the context of the OP of Nanoha means that Nanoha and Fate are changing clothes and that's all. The fact that the anatomical details of the breast and groin areas are not filled in (so to speak) reinforces that the display is more of a indication of the innocence/purity of the character, and that they're now switching from nice little girl mode to kick-ass magical user mode.

So yeah, while it's certainly okay to state that it bothers you (and serves to warn others who might similarly be bothered by it), it's also important to realize that any uncomfortableness you feel is solely on your part and not intended for you to feel on the part of the creators.
The Kung-fu Yeti posted:
This is going to sound weird, but I find the idea of women farting highly erotic. A beautiful, curvy, voluptuous woman letting off some loud, abrupt farts is pretty hot. Especially a latina/hispanic/Mediterranean (sp?) woman, but I wouldn't turn my nose up at a hot black, white, or Asian girl. Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Kelly Clarkson, that chick that played Persephone on the Matrix, all have physcial qualities I find hot (soft curves, dark hair, pretty eyes, etc.), and man it'd be hot to see them fart and shit.
BDA7DD posted:
Oh, for fuck's sake... here we go again.

Your "guess" is completely wrong. Just because animals can't talk doesn't mean they can't give consent. Animals have teeth, claws and can give audible warnings (growling, hissing, etc.) to voice their opposition to a sex act being performed on them. Also, many animals are quite intelligent and have a much faster neurodevelopmental rate than humans, reaching mental adulthood at extremely young ages by human standards. Finally, many animals are fully grown at much younger ages than humans, so they're physically prepared for sex at younger ages.

Comparing animals to children is absolutely ridiculous, and in some ways even insulting to animals. Please do your homework before adopting a stance on an issue you got from a blatantly-conservative source.
ge cafe aka Home4Kwanzakkah posted:
I decided it'd be fun to fuck myself earlier this evening/morning. So I greased up Mr Sunshine and went to work. I had fun for 10 minutes and came. Then I was feeling the need to shower, so I did.

This is where things get graphic. Stop here if you don't want to cry.

Shortly after I started my shower, I felt a bit of matter coming out. Not terribly unusual, I just got done pounding my ass. It landed on the floor of the shower. A few moments later I notice it's moving... strangely as it slowly gets washed towards the drain.

Last chance to stop. It's horriffic.
I nudge it with my toe and, to my horror, realize it's one piece. As in, a connected piece, as if it were... tissue. I think it's a bit of the outer layer of the colon. I feel like I'm going to pass out. I just crapped a piece of my ass out of my ass. I get it down the drain as quickly as possible and then sit down in the tub, I felt like I was having a panic attack. I'd had plenty of ass sex before and not noticed this. Maybe this happened and I simply didn't notice it, or maybe the ass "sheds" like this on its own occasionally, and no one really notices it (or admits they did). My ass didn't hurt at all, but it does now, kind of, probably because I haven't stopped thinking about this horror for the last 90 minutes.

So the moral of the story is I really don't want to do this again. It makes me sad because I enjoy anal sex. Maybe others have heartier colons that I. But for god's sake, use condoms. If anything with a pulse goes in there, make sure it's sheathed.
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