A Libertarian is defined as "someone who believes the doctrine of free will".

guyfawkesGROUPS: Anarcho-Capitalist, Dog Lovers, Sexual Freedom, Repeal Megan's Law!

A Libertarian Passions' user is defined as "someone whom you'd not date of your own free will." Sure, there are plenty of free online dating websites that you could choose from. Why not have your political ideology match up with your ideas of finding true love? It's not like either of them are going to happen anyways! Making an account here is like showing up to a Ron Paul fundraiser that's taking place at the ugliest bar in America. Leave your Gold Standards at home, for the dating pool has no value, fixed weight or fineness.


HOBBIES: Ron Paul, Writing, Nudity, McRib Enthusiast

Just a heads up Paultards - you need to get a life before you can claim liberty and pursue happiness.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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