Here's a nice little ICQ history log from a real intellectual named "Jaedr". Hellchick sent this guy my way after he re-requested authorization from her about five times (and she denied him every single time). I figured this guy would be prime SA bait; I was correct.


jaedr - Yes, Quake is a wery nice game.

Lowtax - yes do U play Quaek3? i bought it for CHristmas

jaedr - What other games do you like....

Lowtax - Command and Conquer? Is that being the movie with Regis & kathy Lee?

jaedr - I can send you a picture of the game if you want.

Lowtax - I cannut get pictures, i am on AOL

jaedr - I don't know what AOL is.

Lowtax - IT is the Internet

jaedr - But are you not on ICQ?

Lowtax - What is ICQ? I am on AOL . i can download words

jaedr - You have a ICQ# number. So you don't have ICQ?

Lowtax - What is ICQ? i use AOL

jaedr - So you can use AOL like I'm using ICQ to send messages to you. I see.

Lowtax - yes and i can call my grandmother in Alzania

jaedr - How do you get your ICQ#: Is there because AOL?

Lowtax - yes, i typed in KEYWORD: FRIEND and your name came up and i talked to u about Quaek and movies and we will eat cake

jaedr - Can you downlad ICQ? From "". It's a wery good chat program.

jaedr - Have you internet explorer or netscape?

Lowtax - Yes

Lowtax - Will it have a computar virus? i saw a movie with a computar virus and it stole somebodys identity and she got shot

jaedr - This program is free for virus. But you should have a virus protection.

Lowtax - OH NO, your letters turned red, I think i have a computar virus!

jaedr - I did that only because that's importent! You see.

Lowtax - Oh that was close i shall download emale now and run ICQ on Photoshop

jaedr - Have you not a PC, or do you have a Apple computer?

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