Here's a nice little conversation Hellchick (from Planetquake) sent me, between herself and 0Cool, the "director" who bought and This wonderful transcript details his attempt to squat on those domains and (unsuccessfully) sell them to Gamespy. When then doesn't work, he asks for a job. When that fails, he expresses how much he hates Gamespy and asks if they will host his site. After that point, it just gets plain stupid (and that's saying a lot). This has to be one of the most baffling conversations I've ever read.

[DnD]0 - HEY

[DnD]0 - hello

Hellchick - hello...

[DnD]0 - are you a man or women?

Hellchick - Woman. Why?

[DnD]0 - always wanted to know.... is gamespy gonna do anything with ?

Hellchick - Yes, GSI is always interested in protecting its intellectual property.

[DnD]0 - oh... well, do they need ?

Hellchick - Why?

[DnD]0 - well, if ya open a big ass site like that ya need both..

Hellchick - PlanetQuake has been around for 3 years, we didn't just open.

[DnD]0 - i know... i mean if ya open you will need ?

Hellchick - Why are you asking? Is there a reason?

[DnD]0 - ya i own

Hellchick - Yes, but you're not getting it: what's your point?

[DnD]0 - would gamespy be interested in buying it?

Hellchick - How much are you offering it for?

[DnD]0 - well, about 3,000

Hellchick - 3,000 ... dollars? Deutchmarks? Yen? :)

[DnD]0 - dollars

Hellchick - Okay. I'm not the right person to talk to, but I can direct you to the right person. You'll want to contact Andrea "China" Burns at

[DnD]0 - ok..

[DnD]0 - hi

[DnD]0 - hey

Hellchick - hey

[DnD]0 - hi... does planetquake host domains?

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