War Profiteering with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: I have a new business proposal
Moof: okay shoot
Livestock: we get a bunch of Saint Bernards, okay
Livestock: then we train them in combat and counter-insurgency
Livestock: and then we get a lucrative contract with the military
Livestock: and we send these dogs to Iraq
Livestock: to fight an unjust war
Livestock: while we collect the profits
Moof: the dogs would not fight an unjust war, livestock
Livestock: why not
Moof: they are too honorable
Livestock: not if we get them drunk first!
Moof: no, livestock
Livestock: no what?
Moof: they will not do it
Livestock: how can you be sure?
Moof: they are too honorable
Livestock: you don't know that
Moof: do too
Livestock: prove it
Livestock: cite sources
Moof: www.dogs.com
Livestock: this is a front for a business
Moof: is not
Livestock: not only that, it shows a picture of a child giving a dog a bath
Moof: does it really
Moof: I did not even look at the site
Moof: looking now
Moof: oh hehe

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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