To Dream of Turtles with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: had a provocative dream
Moof: i had NIGHTMARES
Moof: what was your dream
Livestock: dreamed i was back home and was in the living room
Livestock: and i looked behind a recliner
Livestock: and found a fairly good sized turtle on its back
Livestock: stuck behind the chair
Livestock: so i flipped him over
Livestock: gave him a bug i had in my hand, which he ate
Livestock: then he started talking
Livestock: because turtles are like parrots
Moof: what did he say
Livestock: they can repeat things
Moof: correct
Livestock: oh just stuff like "hello"
Livestock: after i would say it of course
Livestock: then tom
Livestock: the next thing you know i'm serving aboard a nuclear submarine
Moof: so it goes
Livestock: and talking to a crewmate about how turtles are like spiders on a submarine, you keep them there to eat the fish and things that get in through cracks
Moof: josh that is a very provocative dream
Livestock: tom i like when a dream is educational and tells you something you didn't know about nature
Moof: yes i do too

Grizzly Express with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: would love to see a train driven by a bear
Livestock: trains aren't hard to drive so i think a bear could do it
Moof: josh i KNOW a bear could do it
Moof: wouldn't be a problem at all in my mind
Moof: give them a chance to get out of the woods for one
Moof: give them a chance to earn an honest wage
Livestock: we'd have to make sure the trains weren't hauling salmon or bees
Moof: josh that is true
Livestock: maybe some logs would be good so they can rub against them to scratch their backs
Moof: yes some logs or maybe corn
Livestock: i think we've really covered all the basics, let's pitch this idea to marketing
Moof: you got it
Moof: you make a powerpoint
Moof: i am going to drink a beer
Livestock: tom - glad you like this idea, because it is the premise of our next game: Grizzly Engines, the bear train simulator.
Livestock: might rename it Bear Rails
Moof: how does the game work
Livestock: you lay out tracks
Livestock: buy trains to put on them
Livestock: set up trade routes
Moof: so it is transport tycoon
Moof: with bears
Livestock: yes
Livestock: with bears
Livestock: driving the engines
Moof: hmmmm
Moof: josh i think we are onto a winner here

The Promise of Boats with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom if i had a boat i would probably go find an chain of islands
Livestock: like on the first day
Moof: then what
Livestock: then i would spend the second day exploring the islands
Moof: goodness
Livestock: looking for resources, etc.
Moof: and the third??
Livestock: by then i will have discovered oil
Livestock: gold
Livestock: other minerals
Livestock: i would probably bring in 3rd parties to verify
Livestock: then i would sell mineral rights to corporations
Livestock: make about 30-100 million
Livestock: all with just the modest investment of a boat
Moof: that is why a boat is the smartest investment a person can make
Livestock: it is amazing more people don't buy boats
Moof: it is amazing
Livestock: i guess it would cause inflation
Moof: josh it only causes inflation in rafts

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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