The Scientific Method with Tom "Moof" Davies

Moof: you know if you wanted to feed a dog some whisky people would get upset
Livestock: tom - we don't know that
Livestock: and not knowing is the basis for scientific discovery
Livestock: what i'm saying tom
Livestock: is we have to test
Livestock: to verify
Livestock: because it is not enough to simply state
Moof: how will we test
Livestock: maybe post a blog
Livestock: saying we are going to give a dog some whisky
Moof: hmm
Livestock: post pictures of ourselves with a bottle of whisky
Livestock: and then pictures of a dog
Moof: yes josh
Moof: lets do it
Livestock: and then maybe photos of the dog being fed whisky
Moof: yes
Moof: and the dog drinking the whisky
Livestock: but tom
Livestock: that is where science comes in
Livestock: the dog will be the control
Livestock: and the whisky will actually be ice tea
Moof: :O
Livestock: and we will drink the whisky
Moof: so we need another dog
Moof: wait
Moof: you cant make the dog the control and have us drink the whisky
Livestock: because we are the real test group and the dog is the control
Moof: you need another identical dog in an identical environment to drink the whisky
Livestock: what
Livestock: really
Moof: listen i think you just want to drink whisky
Livestock: tom where are we going to get two dogs
Moof: maybe a pound josh
Moof: or target
Livestock: oh okay
Moof: maybe down at the old train yard
Moof: find a couple of scrappers
Moof: some real characters
Moof: with torn ears and torn hearts
Moof: a sheen of regret distorting the faint hope that still glimmers in their eyes
Moof: faint, yes... but not gone... not yet...
Moof: maybe that is what we will do josh
Livestock: tom there is poetry in a sad dog's eyes
Livestock: the poetry of life
Moof: yes there is
Livestock: think i'm gonna need that whisky now
Moof: me too bro
Moof: me too

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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