~Dumbest Lying Using Statistics~
Jerome Armstrong from MyDD

Once a bastion of progressive activism, Jerome Armstrong's MyDD (My Direct Democracy) has devolved into a hive of scum and villainy. Armstrong has not attempted to conceal his bias, nor his contempt for Obama supporters at his site, and has allowed a bizarre community of ardent Clinton supporters and right wing lunatics masquerading as Clinton supporters to flourish. Tearful rants against misogyny frequently share space on the recommended diary list with racist screeds and secret Muslim accusations about Barack Obama.

"But this is not a cheerleading blog for either of the candidates, its[sic] a political junkie site that doesn't flinch to relay the reality of what's happening."

- Jerome Armstrong
Non-Flincher and Chief Reality Relayer

While other front page contributors to MyDD have attempted to maintain, if not a sense of neutrality, at least a modicum of civility, Armstrong has spent the past few months coming up with increasingly creative ways to lie with numbers.

It began with the MyDD delegate counter, which would update immediately upon Clinton winning a contest and lapse into inactivity during Obama's winning streaks.

The counter also incorporated dubious totals that did not differentiate between the running pledged delegate count, which Obama has always led, and the total including super delegates. These things could almost be excused, since actual delegate counts vary by around 10 from one news organization to the next and some do not distinguish between pledged and super delegates when discussing totals.

When it became clear that Barack Obama had taken the overall delegate lead from Clinton and she was unlikely to regain it, Armstrong launched a second delegate counter.

Even more useless than the first, this delegate counter includes Michigan and Florida totals. Keep in mind, Michigan did not include Barack Obama on the ballot. Despite the inclusion of Michigan and Florida and the fudged numbers of the first counter, Obama managed to claw his way to a lead on this second counter. What was someone like Jerome Armstrong supposed to do when both of his own counters showed The Great Enemy winning?

Out of what I can only assume was a fever dream of desperation, Armstrong launched his magnum opus of naked attempts to maintain the Clinton lie: the Electoral Vote Map.

Based on hand-picked polls, this counter calculates the electoral votes Senator Obama and Senator Clinton are predicted to win in the general election against John McCain. In six months. Even though Armstrong cooks the books, the best he can offer in service to his chosen queen is a counter that shows both Clinton and Obama losing to John McCain in the general election.

The good news is all three of these wonderful widgets are still live and available for you to include on your favorite insane pro-Hillary website. Yes She Can!

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