Are you ready for TOTAL AMATEURS to bring you the HOTTEST video clips you have ever seen? Real amateur home movies are totally raw!! You can't find these hardcore clips of people really doing it anywhere else! They are doing it all over the place. So buy a video. They're not bad?
from SuzyQT98 (see their videos)

Hey guys, I just got my new camera so I'm ready to show you my hot body. I'm just starting out, so go easy on me. Does it look hooked up right? I will adjust the lighting levels and move it around for you. I wasn't sure it was encoded right so the file size might be a little big. It was in some weird format 775x900 I think. Okay, now it's in picture taking mode and I am so turned on right now. Is there a way to turn off that clicking sound it makes every time it takes a picture? What software is good because the stuff that comes with the camera sucks, but I hope you come with this New Camera.

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teen sex
from Lisancraig (see their videos)

Lisa and Craig are back with another hot video. Are you ready for this? Do you want me to do it now or do you want to do some more...okay, well, it's dark and I can't tell what's going on down there so thank you very much. Could you at least...yes, like that. Okay, now move over...over. Over! No, I'm sorry, can I...hold the camera while I move that then. Well it's not a fucking robot thank you very much. Work on it a little bit. I can edit this part out. Can you at least act like you care? It feels like I'm being jacked off by dead man hands. No! I'm sorry. Lisa, will you at least-

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from glenncc200 (see their videos)

Girl here I am, Glenn Motorcycle. You got what it takes? I made a video. You gonna drool girl like I just cooked you up some hot smelly eggs. I got everything you need. I will lay down on your belly and roll up and down your body like a little hot egg. I will lay my arm across your eggy face. I'm gonna teach you a thing or two about love. Do you want to eat eggs in bed with me? Watch me...I've got my EGGS on you @.@

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*sigh* OW!
from marcywyld (see their videos)

Again josh? I'm watching countdown. Can you wait till after worst person in the- OW! Josh stop it. Why is there a camera in here? Do I want to know? I'm going to be on my period tomorrow and I don't feel good. How about I just- OW! That hurts. Don't rip it or- OW! Josh, damn it. Stop. Hang on. Ugh. There. Do whatever you want. I swear to god if you jizz on my shirt again I am going to throw your- OW!

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from joematti (see their videos)

Hey, it's me, Joe Matti. How the hell are you? You like horses? Yeah! You bet I do. You bet. So look at this video I made. I took my shirt off and rode my new horse. He's a little horse but he's strong and he knows how to listen. That's the key right there. You want to jack your crank while I do it? Be my guest. You a lady? You want to stick some stuff up your hooha, go for it. More power to you. I am just gonna ride my little horse around and around. 100 times. 150. I call him Mike after my brother Mike Matti. He installs water heaters.

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from Karolshirts (see their videos)

Hey boys, what's up? I've been thinking of you. I went to the store and I bought another batch of realllllly bad shirts to get you all turned on. I've got old Hillary Clinton and McCain shirts and some Obama bootlegs where I think Obama is a dog man. Mmmmm I'm getting so wet. I am going to take off this Windows Plus+ shirt and put on one of these Pfizer shirts. Oopsy! My nipples are poking through my ironic D.A.R.E. shirt. I've been a real bad girl and I'm wearing some real bad shirts. Mmmmm. I'll be waiting for you, sexy.

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Gross dude kissing a gross foot
from tinasfeet (see their videos)

Tina is back by popular demand and she is on the prowl for gross dudes to worship her gross feet. Tina has been eating lots of salt so her cankles are all blown up and as you foot fans know she injects heroin into her feet. That's good news for this gross dude we found sleeping outside the recycling center in a pile of garbage. Watch as he really spends a lot of time loudly sucking on Tina's toes and drooling all over the place including into open wounds on her feet and legs. This is the hottest yet.

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– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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