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I thought comics were supposed to be fantastical. This is just my morning wake up routine. Huh, they even got the pajamas right.

(Image spotted by ghostlight)

Pictured: The first time a Captain America comic truly tapped into the psyche of this great nation.

(Image: laz0rbeak)

"What th' -" is right! Who the heck let him in? He's way too short!

(Image: ManiacClown)

And here's my daily bedtime routine. How in the world are all these private details of my life getting leaked?

(Image: Vincent)

Look, there's a lever on this machine that can do that for you. Your other hand's resting right on it.

(Image: Mister Mind)

There might be pages one the inside of this comic, following the cover. They are not necessary.

(Image: muscles like this?)
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