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A baby is a newborn human child. Babies often grow up. Once the growing process is complete, they are known as adults.

Babies in Popular Culture

  • A physical altercation occurred on the set of Happy Days when Donny Most (Ralph Malph) called Henry Winkler (Arthur Fonzarelli) "a big greasy baby," then imitated Fonzie's classic "Ayyyyy!" before asking Marion Ross to change his diaper.
  • Danny DeVito's agent refers to him as "Hollywood's Hairiest and Most Loved Baby".
  • Stewie Griffin, a popular character on the cartoon Family Guy, is a baby who can talk as an adult.
  • The movie Baby Geniuses, a 1999 action/comedy directed by Bob Clark, is about babies who are geniuses.
  • SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2 is a 2004 comedy film, directed by Bob Clark, and is a sequel to the 1999 film Baby Geniuses. It is also about babies who are geniuses (with superpowers).
  • Jim Henson's Dinosaurs featured a catchphrase-spouting baby dinosaur.
  • "Baby On Board" refers to a five-inch sign intended to be placed in the back window of an automobile to indicate that the vehicle contains a baby.
  • Baby's Day Out was released in 1994 to much critical acclaim; however, many adults protested the film's depiction of grown-ups, claiming that one baby would actually have a difficult time outsmarting three adults.
  • Borat Sagdiyev says "Oh, the baby" in the successful mockumentary Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.
  • Late rapper ODB was once arrested for impersonating a baby.
  • In the anime Naruto, Naruto the Ninja says "Oh baby!" after an especially difficult fight againstA CGI render of a baby Zabuza.
  • Cat babies are also known as kittens.[citation needed]
  • Margaret Simpson, the youngest family member of television's The Simpsons, is a baby. Margaret has come under heavy criticism from pediatricians who claim that some actions Margaret commits, such as shooting the town's wealthiest man with a gun, does not accurately depict babies.
  • Hit anime Love Hina features an adorable flying turtle, who some fans argue is a baby turtle.
  • Several famous babies include: Britney Spears' Baby, Anna Nicole Smith's Baby, and Murphy Brown's Baby.
  • It is unclear whether the character Swee'Pea in the popular syndicated Popeye cartoon is Popeye's son or Olive Oyl's nephew. It is certain, however, that he is a baby.[citation needed]
  • Babies have been known to keep coming out of my ex girlfriend. Haha fuck you bitch
  • Rugrats is a cartoon with babies. See also: Family Guy (Stewie is a baby)
  • In What About Bob, Richard Dreyfuss encourages his patient, Bill Murray, to take "baby steps" to overcome his psychiatric issues.
  • The celebration of Christmas is centered on the birth of the Baby Jesus, a central figure in several western religions.
  • The medical procedure known as abortion involves the murder of a baby. Many Hollywood starlets have had abortions because they are godless democrats.
  • Pokemon Gold and Silver introduced the gameplay element of breeding a male and female Pokemon, resulting in the birth of a baby Pokemon. LGBT "Pokemaniacs" criticized the game for only portraying heterosexual Pokemon relationships.
  • In an episode of the critically acclaimed but sadly underappreciated (by the mouth breathing faux network viewers, of course) television show Arrested Development, a woman with a stroller can be seen walking past Michael and GOB while they argue over at the banana stand. Stollers are popularly used to manuever babies in the outside, although whether or not a baby was present in this stroller is uncertain.
  • The introduction of the HBO original series "Dream On" features the main character, Martin Tupper, being placed in front of a television as a baby. (It is important to note that the infant Martin Tupper was not played by Brian Benben, the actor who portrays the adult Martin Tupper.)
  • Babies make up approximately 95% of SAG (the Screen Actor's Guild).
  • In 1994, the MPAA finally allowed the first African-American baby to be shown on screen.
  • Lamar Odom of the Los Angeles Lakers started a foundation called Kids with SIDS in the hopes of helping babies with the terrible affliction. Someone later explained to him what SIDS stood for.
  • The popular exclamation "booya" dates back to the ancient Hebrew tradition of shouting b'h-Yah (praise the Lord) at a bris as soon as the witnesses see the baby's weiner.
  • Nintendo's Wii console is for babies.
  • Only a true baby would say that.
  • Shut up, baby.
  • YOU'RE the baby.[citation needed]
  • In the hit television series Lost, a new mother, Claire, MY BABY MY BABY THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE MY BABY WHERE'S MY BABY
  • The 29th episode of Veronica Mars, entitled "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" featured Veronica investigating the children her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend babysat for. None of these children were technically babies.
  • Animal, who is according to some, the most popular Muppet BabyContrary to popular opinion, the "babies" in Muppet Babies (1984-1990) were neither babies nor Muppets, rather they were cartoons.
  • A strong argument against the theory of evolution is the baby, who is so miraculously full of love and potential that only Jesus and God could have created him.
  • Rugrats, one of the original Nicktoons along with Ren and Stimpy and Doug, featured the adventures and misadventures of a group of babies. Tommy Pickles, the leader of the babies, was known for the catchphrase "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do" a play on the phrase "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do."
  • anna nicole smith had a lil baby before becoming deceased. there is now a custody battle over the baby.
  • In the blaxploitation film "Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil's Son-In-Law" starring Rudy Ray Moore, the title character is born not as a baby, but instead as a 14 year old wearing a diaper and capable of speech. In addition, he was not born with a placenta, but rather with a watermelon.
  • sometimes gay people say that they were born gay, but i have never met a gay baby (EXCETPT FOR COACH LYONS I HATE YO COACH)
  • Stewie Griffin, a baby from the popular Fox television show "Family Guy", is an extremely intelligent baby.
  • The film Little Man starring Marlon and Shawn Wayans featured Marlon as a midget con man who impersonates a baby.
  • In the 90s classic "The Sandlot," Smalls tells the other boys that his dad's baseball was signed by "Baby Ruth." The boys respond, in unison, with "BABE RUTH?", setting Smalls up for a hilarious realization that will ultimately lead to his coming of age and a healthy dose of misadventure.
  • Early screenplays for the movie Return of the Jedi had Luke Sykwalker and his friends infiltrate a planet inhabited solely by babies, but was changed to Ewoks shortly after Lucas' wife gave birth to an extremely hairy baby.
  • A baby once got stuck all up in the insides of a piano on the the set of the NBC sitcom "Cheers". The baby remained undetected inside the piano for the filming of a 1984 episode (Season 3 Episode 54 Diane's Allergy). During the episode as George Wendt (Norm) walks past the piano you can see the baby ever so slightly lift up the piano lid and two white eyes briefly peer from the darkness. Allegedly after filming had concluded the baby made a ruckus. Somebody probably heard it squirming around in there or something and got it out. The episode originally aired with the brief shot of the inquisitive baby left in and uncut VHS tapes still occasionally pop up on Ebay.
  • In the TV program "The Office," the character Angela Martin has a poster featuring babies wearing sunglasses.
  • The popular syndicated comic strip "Marvin" stars a baby by the name of Martin trying to make sense of this thing called life.
  • In the "Harry Potter" franchise, Harry Potter defeated the most evil dark wizard of all time, Voldemort, when he was only a baby.
  • "Baby Bob" was a short-lived sitcom that aired on the CBS television network.
  • In the Goosebumps book "Cuckoo Clock of Doom," the main character regresses back to being a baby.
  • In the "Look Who's Talking" series of movies, Bruce Willis provides the "voice" of sarcastic popular baby Mikey.
  • The TV show "Baby Looney Tunes" features the "Looney Tunes gang" as babies.
  • In an episode of "The Drew Carey Show," Drew's soul possesses the body of his newborn nephew.
  • The plot of "Three Men and a Baby" features three men trying to take care of a baby
  • Timmy Turner becomes a baby in an episode of "The Fairly Oddparents"
  • In another episode of "The Simpsons," Barney Gumble dresses up like a baby and loses his diaper
  • The plot of "The Rugrats Movie" features Didi Pickles giving birth to a second baby.
  • In the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," the character Baby Herman is actually a gruff-voiced middle-aged man who looks like a baby.
  • In the 1994 blockbuster film Speed, Sandra Bullock's character Annie hits a stroller while driving a bus and begins to cry because she thought she killed a baby. To Annie's great relief it then revealed that the stroller did not contain a baby but rather many cans of soda, presumedly being gathered by the woman pushing the stroller for the deposit, and the woman was not a mother but in fact a homeless woman. It is likely that both Bullock and the woman with the stroller's characters have been babies.
  • The Land Before Time series of movies are about a group of baby dinosaurs. Baby dinosaurs hatch from eggs and are small for dinosaurs but big for babies!
  • A dancing CGI baby played a central role in the TV series "Ally McBeal".
  • In an episode of the Fox animated sitcom "King of the Hill" Luann Hill performed her own show "Angel Babies", about puppet baby barnyard animals that teach lessons about Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Babylon 5, a popular television program, was confusing to some viewers who expected more babiesThe ancient city of Babylon was built by babies. The city later served as inspiration for the sci-fi hit "Babylon 5" which starred no babies.
  • Superman, The Man of Steel, was a baby when he was sent to Earth by his father, Kal-El.
  • Spawned the popular internet acronym "BRB" (Baby: Race Black).
  • Many time travel stories grapple with the ethical question of whether or not it would be morally acceptable to kill Hitler as a baby.
  • Nermal (Garfield's adorable cat friend) is often construed as being a kitten, which in its use as a word serves as another means of verbally describing a baby cat; as in "Look at that adorably small kitten (baby cat) which is perched upon that sapling (baby tree)."
  • Sapling is a word in the English dialect often used to describe a baby tree, also known as a sapling.
  • Several babies have been featured on Television [citation needed]
  • In Robocop 2, Robocop shoots a man in the face in order to save the life of a baby.
  • In Robocop 1, Robocop shoots a man in the genitals, presumably making him unable to have a baby.
  • Furthermore, Robocop eats baby food, the food of babies. Babies eat baby food, and so does Robocop.
  • Stewie Griffin, of TV's "The Family Guy", is a talking baby.
  • In Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Vivian Emery, Bruce Lee's future mother-in-law exclaims "do you want to have yellow babies!?" to her daughter, a racially motivated remark about the colour of Bruce Lee's skin. Linda Emery and Bruce Lee later had numerous yellow babies.
  • The television (TV) situation comedy F•R•I•E•N•D•S featured women who wanted babies. The stupid blonde one had three babies (thruplets) with her brother (incest), the stupid brown haired one had a baby with the whining jewish man and the stupid black haired one had to adopt one with the fat sarcastic drugs addict. The stupid Italian man moved to California.
  • In the movie Junior, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a baby come out of his dick. This never happens in real life.
  • In many states, babies can do whatever they want even if it's against the law like sucking on a titty at the mall.
  • As voted by the users of the Internet Movie Database, three of the world's 250 greatest films have the word "baby" in the title. Hollywood experts agree that this trio of films--Million Dollar Baby (2004), Rosemary's Baby (1968) and Bringing Up Baby (1938)--proves that the word itself has extremely powerful box office draw, and some speculate that the word will be used in more titles to help make up for losses due to Internet piracy.
  • Paris Hilton has zero babies, but she has touched several on her show The Simple Life and one pooped in a bathtub while she was in it.
  • In the science-fiction television series Doctor Who, the eponymous Doctor (especially his fourth incarnation as played by Tom Baker) was particularly fond of the British candy known as "Jelly Babies", often offering them to people. In one Fourth Doctor story (The Face of Evil), a cultural mixup on a planet he visits (the home planet of companion-to-be Leela) causes him to pass into mythology as an evil god who eats babies. In the same serial, the Doctor attempts to bluff an alien by pretending that a Jelly Baby is a deadly weapon. The bluff called, he scoffs "I won't take orders from anyone" and pops the confection in his mouth.
  • According to conventional theory, Jean-Luc Picard was once a baby. This is not canon, however.
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard is a grown man in Star Trek: The Next Generation, which implies that he must have been a baby at some point.
  • In Family Guy, a popular American cartoon, Stewie Griffin is a talking baby.
  • In the 1942 film Butch Minds the Baby, the character "The Baby" is a baby.
  • In the 1996 movie "Jack", Jack (Robin Williams) is afflicted with a disease which causes him to age rapidly. He is born with the body of a 12 year old boy, and due to a lack of a proper childhood, has problems dealing with others and has severe identity issues.


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