"The Rumpus Starts Here"
10AM - Expert Rumpus Men Dan and Lyle redecorate the Wilson family's rundown rumpus room, turning it into a recreational wonderland.

"Ruckus in a Rumpus"
10:30AM - Rumpus Men Bryce and Barron wrestle with a muscular client who's all hands. Meanwhile, Dan and Jeff help a homeowner discover a rumpus room hidden beneath his driveway.

"Tabletop Love"
11AM - Rumpus Man Chase makes dreams come true for an insufferable nerd couple when he turns a spare bedroom into a romantic tabletop gaming room.

"We Rumpus Here Today"
11:30AM - Rumpus Men Kevin and Jeremy prove anything is possible when they turn a cemetery into a beautiful rumpus room just in time for a wedding.

"Rocket Rumpus, USA"
12PM - Rumpus Men Chase and Lyle both miss the birth of their children to create an out-of-this-world rumpus room for a NASA office administrator.

"Royal Rumpus"
12:30PM - Chase and Bryce create a rumpus room fit for a king when they they lend their regal touch to King Jonathan's opulent castle.

"No Way, Jose"
1PM - Rumpus Men Bryce and Kevin struggle to please a client more interested in devastating psychological mind games than rumpus room fun.

"Rumpus Rumble"
1:30PM - Kevin loses his cool and goes too far with a rumpus room renovation. Bryce surprises his estranged father with a rumpus room he does not want.

"Wild Rumpus"
2PM - Barron and Jeremy overcome their worst fears to create an amazing rumpus room for rats at an injured rodent sanctuary. Lyle breaks a promise.

"Desert Rumpus"
2:30PM - Jeff and Dan go in situ to create an impromptu rumpus room for a man pinned beneath a boulder in the desert.

"A Lady's Touch"
3PM - Rumpus Man Jeff teams up with Jill from Basement Bedazzlers to show you how to make the most of the rumpus room in your studio apartment.

"Put a Pin in It"
3:30PM - Rumpus Men Dan and Bryce give new life to a rumpus room full of spiders when they add a collection of vintage pinball machines.

"Way Down Deep"
4PM - Tragedy strikes the Rumpus Men when Bryce succumbs to a snakebite while installing a custom pool table in the show's first-ever rumpus hole.

"Rumpus in Peace"
4:30PM - All the Rumpus Men gather to create the ultimate rumpus funeral for Bryce, and surprise his family with an unforgettable rumpus memorial.

"Immure for You"
5PM - Rumpus Men Jeff and Lyle discover a starving man entombed behind a wall while creating a one-of-a-kind wild west saloon. Chase arrives at a decision.

"Pound of Flesh"
5:30PM - Rumpus Men Jeff and Dan deal with an angry client when their flesh-themed rumpus room goes dangerously over budget.

"Hard Deadline"
6:00PM - It's a race against time as expert Rumpus Men Jeff and Lyle rush to finish some serious rumpus room renovations before their wealthy client commits suicide.

"The Never-ending Rumpus"
6:30PM - Seasoned Rumpus Men Baker and Chase struggle to survive as they navigate a house with seemingly endless rumpus rooms and no exit.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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