As I'm out and about, the first thing people notice when they glance my way is the enormous four ton weight atop my broken body. I get it. We are, by our very nature, superficial creatures. But there's so much more to me than the classic black iron trapezoid with a handle and the words "4 Tons" printed in bold white letters on its side.

Look a little closer.

See that I am also a hand peeking out from under the weight, palm up to the sky, twisted fingers strained and twitching.

Circle the weight until you reach the opposite corner and see that I am also a foot inside a shoe, pressed as flat as a sheet of paper and squeezed out from a spot where you wouldn't think a foot would be. Curiously, there is nothing graphic about the visual. It's just a two dimensional white sneaker with red trim, perfectly preserved and stretched out five times as wide as it once was.

Listen long enough and you will eventually hear that I am a voice, small and uncertain, saying, "Oh man this four ton weight is pretty heavy."

Basically, I'm just like you.

I have my inner doubts and regrets. At my lowest, when I am alone at night with my thoughts and the long silence in the ruins of my collapsed bed, I allow myself to relive that fateful day and kick myself for not paying more attention to the sign:

If I had known the weight cost nearly two thousand dollars, I would have never allowed myself to be crushed by it.

I also have hopes, just as you do.

It is my dream that if I work hard and apply myself, I can remove this terrible four ton weight from my body, and replace it with a brand new two ton weight.

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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