At Neo Country Buffet we offer an all you can eat menu of pre- and post-war favorites using only the finest ingredients we have scavenged from the violent under city ourselves. Locavores, take note, our motorcycle gangs of procurers never travel farther than a single tank of zip. Not even Mad Mexo and the Holy Scabs have a chance of beating our youth gangs to the prime downtown plunder.

Canned macaroni and cheese from before WW5
Low radiation. Extra extra extra brine.

Trimmings from the beef tendril
He wanted this. Don't you?

Uppers, downers, body thrillers, fight tighteners, and trance-out get downs robbered from the fetchest nurses.

Fresh squeezed orb of the chicken mister
The screaming chicken mister has yielded another sphere for din din. IGNORE THE SOUNDS.

Flayed sewer cur
Thoroughly punished with pipes and chains. Tender enough for a weird blue baby man to eat.

Pulped lady
Never should have gotten near that thing. Oh well.

Brown, thumb-sized, and delicious peanut butter taste. What are they from? Too delicious to wait and see.

Green beings
Small, docile, and what they are saying is definitely not a language. It's okay. Not a language.

Laser charred Garreth

Bloody asphalt
Chocolate ice cream, "bloody" strawberry jam, marshallow teeth, real hair, and pieces of scalp.

Project X-99
We opened the hatch and not even the hovering techno troops can keep us from giving you this secret sweet.

Orbital pie
Beamed hot straight to your table from Damocles Station.

Psychic fudge
It's good. Don't ask about where we got it.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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