• Romance Novels!

    Romance Novels!

    Oh for the glory days of Harlequin novels, chipped and water-damaged, forgotten in airports and guest houses, ringing with the forced mewls of whisper-thin nurses and forty-something lifeguard men. The goons revive that brusquely painted world's sleazy aura- plus, cuss words!

  • Awful Propaganda Part 2

    Awful Propaganda Part 2

    The goons come up with yet more reasons for you to join their hideous ranks, in this mash-up of classic propaganda images and forums memes that nobody but us will get. It's like trying to teach someone a language just using that language: frustrating, pointless, and hilarious in a mean way!

  • Nightmares Fear Factory 2019!

    Nightmares Fear Factory 2019!

    Like a rotting pumpkin on the front stoop of an alcoholic, our annual Halloween article is here! Get your costumes back on you little jerks, we got funny pictures to look at! No I have not been drinking! No I will not clean off the steps! Shut up!

  • Awful Propaganda Part 1

    Awful Propaganda Part 1

    The goons malign and misuse serious wartime and sociopolitical propaganda images to try and entice new prey into our terrifying cave. Haven't had anybody compare you to Hitler over a matter of ten dollars today? Step right this way, new meat!

  • The President Has Wood(en Statue)

    The President Has Wood(en Statue)

    A mysterious Slovenian sculpture of the president. An impatient goon. The ramifications are just as important as any other political news in America, and you have a front row seat!

  • Y?WIFYW!


    What happens when the Something Awful forums users take a nonsense phrase and juxtapose it everywhere? Now what if it wasn't a nonsense phrase?! Now what if it said an embarrassing amount about us!?!?

  • Adventurehog (and Friends!)

    Adventurehog (and Friends!)

    When the forums get their hands on a picture of a cute hedgehog in a little boat they do what any reasonable people would do- put him in inappropriate movies and games of course!

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