Cuckoldry! Once a niche literary trope, nowadays every group of monsters is going cuckoo for cuck culture! Male chauvinists, white supremacists and just garden-variety douche-bags are all in on it at this point, and since that excludes maybe 5% of internet users, it's safe to say the joke is stale. But absurdists dunk their stale jokes in strong nonsense; in March of 2019 the Something Awful forums decided to turn a particularly crusty old TV cuckoldry meme into a series of absurdist images worthy of Magritte.

Forums user Literally A Person posited another classic absurd exercise recently: Make or find a picture that works well with the caption, "Yeah? WELL I FUCKED YOUR WIFE!"

Of course, Sponge Baathist quickly pointed out the exact phrasing was a retread of the 1997 Seinfeld Episode, "The Comeback". That makes it thoroughly mundane, AKA perfect.

The tricky part about a thread like this is, skilled photomanipulation is not necessarily what's most important. Huge Gross Burrito makes a simple edit juxtaposing a classic image.

Careful work like this image from metasynthetic is an example of the clean, designerly school of deconstructionist grab-ass Phridays has traditionally played. Good show!

But A GLISTENING HODOR eschews the "well 'shopped image" trope for a more ham-fisted, rough edges style that can be very effective when the point is conceptual discord.

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