In part 1 of Awful Propaganda we saw 'shopped posters that had a chance in hell of converting outsiders; today we look at the submissions that nobody who's not a member already would ever understand. Hell I've been here half my adult life and I don't understand most of these.

This image by Captain Hygiene references our five-point thread rating system that the restaurant world totally stole.

I apologized already Chef Bourgeoisie, jeez! And what the hell is "sober"?

Cough, cry, vomit - LadyPictureShow.

I like what dudeness said so much I'm going to parrot it hollowly and call it a post!

I don't have the time to consider your side of things sweet thursday, I'm far too busy being a dick.

itry is absolutely right, the shame of red text never washes off.

I tried to form a band with frankenfreak but we can't both play tambourine.

Either I don't get this joke by itry or I really don't want to buy an LCD TV from them.

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