Feeling romantic, Front-Page reader? Absolutely not!? Well... too bad because today we have romance novel covers. Give them a chance though: I have a soft spot for old smutty pulp covers, I used to dig through 50 or 60 "nurses in heat" paperback bathtub-readers like these for every Poul Anderson or Frank Herbert or whatever scifi pulp I'd salvage from the thrift-store troughs. Good times. Also I guess the books had words inside, whatever.

Let's not kid ourselves, these Bloody Hedgehog images get straight to the point...iness.

I think my marriage to Captain Hygiene is worth more than just a pension. Somewhat.

General Dog knows exactly what they're searching for.

Uh, Former DILF I think this is just a real cover. It's probably part 23 and about a time-traveling homesteader who can succeed anywhen.

Oh, okay Heather Papps. I thought people were just telling me they spoke Arabic as a Second Language...

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