This week we return with a sequel to Animal Anomalies, one of our more exciting themes. Nature, being very generous, offers a near infinite range of creatures. Unfortunately, after awhile, these creatures get very boring and repetitive. So it's only fitting that the Something Awful Forum Goons step in and make our animal and insect friends more interesting with the aid of advanced science and technology. There were so many good images submitted this week that I didn't want to have to leave half of them on the cutting room floor, so this is merely part one of a two part offering. Don't worry, after that we'll return with three months straight of movie poster Phriday themes. Or maybe not. Let's just shut up and look at some wonderful new animals!

LOO knows the importance of good facial expressions. This is the one he uses at job interviews.

30seven made this awesome depiction of the creature that stole his identity and bought a DVD player with his credit card.

Wallwhacker just saved a lot of money by using a coupon to get some cheap milk.

timmporary can sharpen my pencils any day. No, I'm just kidding. I use mechanical pencils.

The Dudley whipped up this disturbing thing. Thanks!

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