In 2009 we brought you a contest of roll-your-own Rifts monstrosity and illustrate it. In 2010 talented competitors remade beasties from the original Monster Manual to create an erotic monster catalog sure to stand the test of time.

For 2011 we're taking things a step further. Welcome to 2011's competition, also known as...

I'll let Steve explain his concept from our recent conversation on the subject.

Steve: How about we have them make adventure modules?

Steve: Like old school D&D adventure modules and then we can play them.

Steve: or actually they don't have to do a whole module, just a cover picture and a summary or like one encounter or something.

Steve: Dude I got it, then we can combine them into one big D&D super module and play that.

Zack: This is the worst idea you've had since messenger parrots.

Steve has this weird mental filibuster in these sorts of situations where he gets stuck on one idea and just keeps repeating it no matter how bad I say it is. Once I'd exhausted my counterarguments I relented.

The rules of this composition are intended to be as inclusive as possible. There will be three prizes, all Amazon gift cards. First Prize will be worth $100 and two Second Place Prizes will be worth $50 each.

1. Create an original piece of artwork. Either full-color cover artwork* or interior B&W encounter artwork in the style of a D&D or AD&D adventure module.

2. AND create a brief (100-500 word) single-room D&D encounter. You don't need to pack it full of rules, but authenticity and style will be judged. The room featured in the encounter can be any size, but it must be INDOORS and feature an entrance and exit door on different walls. These entries will be compiled into a single dungeon so keep that in mind. There are no rules about what the encounter needs to entail; it could be an empty room, it could be 750,000 kobolds or it could be a trap that turns a man into a baby.

3. Submit your entry with your name, country and valid email address (yes, include it with your name and country) to Images should be no smaller than 600 pixels in width and no larger in file size than about 1 MB. Writers and artists are allowed to team up, in which case please note your teammate and their email address in the submission email. Prize winnings, if any, will be split evenly between participants on a winning team. NOTE: This material will not be sold as part of a book. Any resulting adventure compilation will be open source.

*Only entries including full-color cover artwork will be eligible for the first place prize. Part of winning will be having your cover serve as the cover for the imaginary module.

Entries are due by August 2nd and winners will be judged and announced in a special edition of WTF, D&D!? on August 11th. If you have any questions please contact me.

Spread the word about the contest. Post about it on topical forums. If you run a podcast related to RPG gaming and you mention the contest please send me an email and we'll be sure to thank you in our next WTF, D&D!? installment.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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