There are over 14 games currently available on store shelves, and even more that are no longer found on store shelves. While almost all of these past and present games are endlessly innovative and engrossing, some unfortunately fell short of delivering the goods due to tedious gameplay and other flaws. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons showcase some of these unfortunate titles for your viewing pleasure (or agony). I hope you enjoy (or suffer)!

If you bet that Aardmania made this image you have a seriously stupid gambling problem. But you also won, so keep up the good work.

Hanibalicious made this game, which will probably send you into some kind of relaxing epileptic spasm.

I don't know what this LockJawSaga thing is but I'm sure it's innovative and original.

There's a joke somewhere in this Mindbleach image. Find it and treasure it for the rare and precious gift that it is.

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