People on the Internet always complain about how someone desecrated their precious adolescent memories. Oh no, Hollywood turned The Smurfs into a crappy live-action film! This is an outrage, look at what this deviantART pervert did with my cherished Sesame Street characters! I demand revenge, someone raped my childhood with this I Spit on Your Grave remake! Hopefully today's kids are made of stronger stuff. I don't want to imagine a future in which adults get all defensive and obsessive about some children's cartoon! Anyway, the SA Forum Goons have volunteered to help kids past and present toughen up by placing beloved children's entertainment icons in villainous roles. Note to readers in the 12-and-younger range who have come of age with Photoshop Phriday: This is basically a remake of the 2006 classic "Kids Movies"; sorry for tinkering with that treasured touchstone!


Bloody Holly



Werebear Stare

origami manatee

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