This week I assigned the theme of circus posters, which pretty much encompasses everything related to advertising circuses in poster form. If that doesn't sound amazing, than you're probably not completely insane. Congratulations on not being completely insane!

Here is the horrible image that started it all. Thanks, me!

I have taken the measure of preparing an indexed listing of the pages for you.

"Basicsafty" ran away from home to join this crappy circus:

"cocoabean" made this mess:

Although "The Tacomaster" claims to be a master of tacos, I've heard otherwise.

"starkravingnaked" sizzles with this sizzling image. Sizzle! Sizzzzzile! Siz!

"Pixelman" may have just rendered the printing press worthless! PRINT LETTERS ARE FOR FOOLS!

"Residentearth" just might have alterior motives. Boy, that was mysterious sounding!

"BBQBabyBacon" makes so many baby murder jokes he may well be a Scientologist.

I'm going to punch "Agent019" in the face.

You can thank "Windyman" for damning us all with this. Death, I await your coming!

Aspiring hat model "Stides" should probably stop listening to those PETA jerks.

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