On March 3, 2014, professional gamer Daikatana Ritsu asked the SA Forum Goons "How hard is Dark Souls 2 gonna be, huh?" The responses were truly daunting:

Epic Hamcat

During an armed robbery last Tuesday, Detroit PD officer Larry Burns was miraculously saved when his prerelease copy of Dark Souls 2 (360) stopped two hollowpoint rounds from piercing his chest.


It is easier for a camel to thread the eye of a needle than it is to beat the tutorial dungeon of Dark Souls 2


Dark Souls 2 just dropped... into the Gulf of Mexico, extinguishing the majority of life on earth and bringing an end to the Cretaceous period.

Daikatana Ritsu

Dark Souls 2 was in the Pulp Ficiton briefcase.

Well, "Dark Souls 2" debuted on consoles March 11, and it's somehow even more insanely brutal than the dire prophecies said it would be! Clearly it deserves to be mentioned alongside notoriously difficult hardcore classics such as "Battle Toad," "Ninja Gaiden" and "QWOP." But what if "Dark Souls 2" were an accessible pick-up-and-play game? That was Palpek's premise, and here are the Photoshops!



Captain Swing



Stick Figure Mafia

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