Last week we started our look at the macabre artwork of Ray O'Bannon. This prolific painter of vampires, ghosts, and spooky still lifes is a ghoulish renaissance man. He also directs and stars in short films, composes music, and writes fiction. Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka returns for the conclusion of our look at Ray O'Bannon's spooky skeleton art.


Zack: Dude, jeez, turn your reds off! That is actually worse in the fog, not better.

Lowtax: This is like one of those books Stephen King wrote in 8 minutes back in 1967.

Zack: And then ten years later he forgot he published it, so he published it again. And then ten more years later he published it again a third time.

Lowtax: And of course there's an obligatory group of loud mouthed fat women who demand a sequel.

Zack: Does any group get what they want more than loud mouthed fat women?

Lowtax: Well the New World Order and the Zionists, but I see some overlapping Venn diagrams here.

Zack: Remember the good old days when white men used to get what they wanted? Then the evil cars could vote and it all went to shit.

Lowtax: And the Black Plymouths started intimidating white folks outside the voting stations.

Lowtax: "Well I guess I WON'T vote for non-car now."

Zack: Don't even get me started on the El Caminos. It's like, make up your mind.

Zack: What are you?!

Lowtax: They're awesome, that's what.

Lowtax: Jack of all trades.

Lowtax: You can do anything with an El Camino. Except drive it comfortably or reliably

Zack: Or sell it.

Lowtax: Can't even fit a loud mouthed fat woman in the truck bed section.

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