In the Something Awful Forums' "PYF Stupid Food Fad", thread, people have fun laughing at pictures of food served on slates instead of dishes, bone marrow, and of course, hipster's. Then one day, something happened - please read:


This image has never resonated more.


I cannot tell what either of those foods are.

On the left we have... some rice? And courgettes, I think. And do I see bits of roast potato? Some curly things that look like they could be either meat or pastry, probably meat. Maybe some mushrooms in at the back?

On the right we have... Is it fish? Or maybe pork belly? On top of... uh... I'm gonna guess there's some tomato down there. Some yellowy thin stuff, maybe bell peppers? All floating in what looks kind of like orange juice? There's some green stuff, can't tell what that is. Spinach?

Both meals look pretty horrible.

Control Volume

lmao this guy is gonna lose his fuckin mind the first time he walks into a chinese takeout joint


Stupid food trends: Shrimp and/or chicken on rice

I mean what even is that?

ranbo das

How do you not know what a shrimp looks like? Is that a thing, people not knowing what a shrimp is?


Wow, sorry I can't recognize a food I don't see very often in a crappy over-magnified phone photo I guess.

Control Volume

*looking at one of the most ubiquitous seafood items on earth* hmm this could be uh.. *squints harder* uh..... a small pastry.


To bring this to its logical conclusion


wtf are these weird things you people keep posting

are they a kind of pastry


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