"See, there are actually TWO KINDS of Photoshop threads," explains Forums user Trent, addressing a frothing malcontent. "The first kind has multiple, high-quality starter images in the OP and a wide variety of possibilities. The second kind is taken slightly less seriously and is filled with many low-quality shops (and a few high-quality ones), and while a different kind of humor, these often turn into the funniest damn things on the forums." The two threads featured here represent the second kind, though they've been largely culled for the "few high-quality ones." As for our friend Trent, he had a couple great ideas, but unfortunately (yet aptly enough), they were too sloppily executed to be properly showcased, even given his forgiving criteria. Sorry, buddy! I'm sure he'll get over it.

Recently, Londoners marched in protest of Pope Benedict XVI's government-funded State Visit. Sir Ian McKellan was there, sporting a T-shirt that read "Some people are gay. Get over it." Forums poster Nevergirls, who really has the perfect screen name for someone calling attention to gay activism, encouraged his peers to tinker with that slogan.

Bloody Holly was knighted right before making this image; his knighthood was rescinded soon after it was finished.

When Saturday night goes well for GnatKingCoal, Sunday morning smells like Ben-Gay and Tums breath.

You stained it and everything, iSimian. I couldn't have done a better job myself.

Hasn't there been enough senseless killing, sickinwyoming? Let's have a murder that makes sense!

Bloody Holly welcomes Outworld's latest proud citizen.

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