Ancient man would often study illuminated manuscripts in hopes of spotting the elusive Waldo. Books are now outdated and read only assholes, so we can't really do anything with that. Also Waldo is still copyrighted. Also this has nothing like Waldo. Forget Waldo. What we can do is add strange and mysterious things to movie posters that simply do not belong. Why? Why not, ask the Something Awful Forum Goons.

cellophane got things moving by shaking this, his veritable money maker, in our faces.

LightningFox is always lording over his rings.

ALOYSIUS 2 made this image about toys because he is childish and enjoys childish things.

s'Ilancy smuggled this image out of Korea one pixel at a time.

ok LOO be buggin cause all these fake thugs tryna press up

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