A couple weeks ago, way back when the 2012 Olympics were still happening, forums member Lincoln started a Photoshop thread called "Olympic divers are so funny." Close, but no medal; turns out the SA Goons were much more interested in Chernabog's variation: "Olympic synchronized swimmers are scary as fuck." Having been subjected to a humorous SNL parody in 1984 and countless hacky jokes in the decades since, synchronized swimmers have apparently wiped those theatrical smiles off their faces and unleashed their Lovecraftian wrath. It's the "tell people that you'll never sleep again because of a thing you saw on the Internet" theme of the summer!


Today I came across this blog about horrifying pictures of synchronized swimmers. And so this:

became this:

And this:

spawned this sucker:

Bring it on goons, let's see what these swimmers are really up to.


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